Jazz legend Louie Bellson said in his notes to this CD, "Having just performed 12 shows with Frank in Chicago, I can honestly say that I feel he is one of the greatest saxophonists on the planet! There is no question in my mind that Frank catalano will follow in the footsteps of the masters like Charlie Parker and John Coltrane and push the boundaries of jazz where they have never been before." The self-taught, 19 year old, bebop tenor saxophonist is also accompanied by Willie Pickens, Brian Sandstrom and Robert Shy.

 Song List:
1. Confirmation
2. Love Vibrations
3. Those Wacky Ways
4. Willow Weep For Me
5. Cut It Out!?!
6. I Mean You
7. God Made It Beautiful
8. Party Time
9. 5:02 Blues
10. Tenor Madness

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