47th Street (The Mystery of Jaaz)   is Malachi Thompson's musical tribute to a vibrant period of black Chicago history; when 47th street was the epicenter of the South Side's cultural and economic life, and the Sutherland Hotel and the Regal Theater hosted the jazz greats of the first two-thirds of this century. Some of the music was written for the new Charles Smith play, The Sutherland, opening September 18 at Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago.

Song List:
1. 47th Street
2. Is It Not True Simply Because You Cannot Believe It
3. X
4. CJ's Blues
5. Some Freebop For Monk
6. Miyako
7. African Sun Dance
8. Discovery, The House Of Jazz
9. An Elevated Cry
10. Lamentation And The Harmony Of Yah

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