Special introductory suggested list price: $19.98. A 2-CD set of brand new solo performances of horns and percussion. Roscoe Mitcell (1 of the founders of the Art Ensemble of Chicago and the AACM) is perhaps THE crucial figure in the discovery that a lone individual could be a self-sufficient medium for jazz communication. Uniquely among Mitchell's solo albums, Sound Songs uses overdubs in over half of its selections. In addition to the material recorded in Delmark's Riverside studio there are 3 lengthy live performances. Roscoe's Delmark recording, Sound (DE-408), received a five-star rating in Down Beat--twice!

Song List:

Disk One:
2. They All Had New Clothes
3. A Messenger In Traffic
4. Fallen Heros
5. Full Frontal Saxophone
6. Down At the Pond
7. The 4:50 Express
8. The Meeting
9. For Lester B
10. Near and Far
11. Song for Percussion and Bamboo Sax
Disk Two:
1. The Play, Act I
2. The Play, Act II
3. The Play, Finale
4. The Garden
5. The Night
6. On the Country Road
7. Side One
8. The Other Side
9. The Other Side, Part 2
10. Side Two
11. First Sketches of Leola
12. Appear and Disappear
13. The Dream Machine
14. For Madeline
15. Closer

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