Just Found Joy is the portentous debut recording of multi-reedist Rich Corpolongo, one of the most talented and astonishingly versatile musicians in Chicago. Listeners may not immediately hear the considerable influnce of Artie Shaw, Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, and John Coltrane in his playing, but they will hear a similar level of complete musical virtuosity and creative focus, the result of a lifetime dedicated to finding his own place among the masters of his art.

Rich Corpolongo's other Delmark album is Smiles (DE 502).

For more information about Rich Corpolongo, check out this article from the Chicago Reader.

Song List:
1. Valse
2. Time Impulse
3. La Blues
4. Hey, What's Happening
5. Just Found Joy
6. Try To, If You Can
7. Time Sense
8. The Way It Is

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