Arnett Cobb is a powerful Texas tenor soloist and bandleader. His years with Lionel Hampton in the 40s prior to these sessions allowed Cobb to grow in strength and versatility, He's just as capable of knocking 'em dead at Birdland or at a more ntimate setting. Who or what the 1300 Arnett blows for on this CD is nclear but one thing is certain: he'll definitely blow you away.

Part of our Apollo Series.

Song List:
1. Arnett Blows For 1300
2. Go, Red Go
3. Walkin' With Sid
4. Dutch Kitchen Bounce
5. Running With Ray
6. Big League Blues
7. Cobb's Idea
8. When I Grow Too Old To Dream
9. Pay It No Mind
10. Cobb's Boogie
11. Flower Garden Blues
12. Cobb's Corner
13. Top Flight
14. Chick She Ain't Nowhere
15. Still Flying

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