As a youth Zane was exposed to the pervasive influence of music. "When I was growing up my father (the legendary trumpter, composer and arranger Cal Massey) had rehearsals at the house with people like John Coltrane. Perhaps what is most striking about Massey's playing, reminscent of Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, is the naturally insistent undercurrent of blues feeling that permeates virtually all of the material. Although far removed on the surface from the testifying free jazz of Albert Ayler and Frank Wright, Massey remains imbued with the same affirmative emotional backbone of the 60's sax preachers.

 1. Nu Kingdom
2. Trickle Down Economics
3. Message From Trane
4. Through The Eyes Of A Child
5. Assunta
6. Walk Right In
7. Ms. Magic
8. Black & Yellow

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