Hawkins was out to top himself on the tune that had become so identified with him, Body and Soul. Thus Rainbow Mist came into being. Both are masterpieces. His sound alone - fuller than in 1939 - is a thing of beauty...Woody'n You is the main reason why this is considered the first bebop recording date...a strong whiff of something new in the air.

Part of our Apollo Series.

Song List:
1. Rainbow Mist
2. Woody'n You
3. Bu Dee Daht
4. Disorder At The Border
5. Yesterdays
6. Feeling Zero
7. Salt Peanuts
8. Uptown Lullaby
9. Pick-Up Boys
10. Porgy
11. Concerto For Tenor
12. Taps Miller
13. I Can't Get Started
14. Sweet & Lovely

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