Between 1951 and 1957 Tab Smith recorded more than 90 titles for the United Record Company. Only 48 were issued. This album is the second in a series that will make available Tab's entire work on United.

Part of our United Series.

Song List:
1. Because Of You
2. Slow Motion
3. Dee Jay Special
4. Sin
5. Under A Blanket Of Blue
6. How Can You Say We're Thru
7. Wig Song
8. Hands Across The Table
9. One Man Dip
10. Down Beat
11. Brown Baby
12. Knotty-Headed Women
13. Boogie Joogie
14. Can't We Take A Chance
15. All My Life
16. Jump Time
17. This Love Of Mine
18. Ain't Got Nobody
19. Love Is A Wonderful Thing
20. Nursery Rhyme Jump

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