In this age of tight-fisted categorization, when a musician's style has to be "sold" as succinctly as a movie project, it has become an act of courage to go beyond a single-minded approach. Chicago trumpet phenom Brad Goode's decision to resist uniformity on this, his debut recording, seems especially admirable because, partly due to a fluke o nature, a niche was ready and waiting for him.

"I went through a period of playing to be accepted bby others musicians, putting things into a package, nice and neat. But I'm too impatient to play like that anymore. I just want to improvise."

Song List:
1. Tribute To Clifford & Sonny
2. Old Folks
3. You Don't Know What Love Is
4. The Hermit
5. Winter's Song
6. Stew's Blues
7. Clock Radio
8. The New Blues

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