In St. Louis, Jimmy Forrest was very, very big and had just about all the bst jobs in town sewn up. But it was a time of intellectualization in jazz, a time of retreat from hard-swinging int what seemed and almost lifeless kind of jazz known as the "cool school".

Forrest wasn't a cool musician: he was too strong, had too much technique, and he had but one choice, to get buried in the scuffle or go into rhythm and blues. As these recordings testify, he chose the latter and beame eminently successful for quite a few years.

Part of our United Series.

Song List:
1. Night Train
2. Calling Dr. Jazz
3. Sophisticated Lady
4. Swingin' And Rockin'
5. Bolo Blues
6. Mister Goodbeat
7. Flight 3-D
8. Hey Mrs. Jones
9. My Buddy
10. Song Of The Wanderer
11. Blue Groove
12. Big Dip
13. Begin The Beguine
14. There Will Never Be Another You
15. Coach 13
16. Dig Those Feet
17. Mrs. Jones' Daughter

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