Recorded in 1969, this historic album was the very first lengthy document of solo saxophone improvisation. Originally available as a 2 LP set, all 73 minutes are now on one CD. When initially issued, For Alto received a five star rating in Down Beat which called the album "revolutionary". A review of the LP re-issue read "Though For Alto was only Braxton's second recording, his solo vocabulary of multiphonics, pointillistic intervals, and scalar lyricism was already in place. This set of breathy balladic fragments, streams of molten sound, and reconstituted blues elements has stood the test of time." - Down Beat

Song List:
1. Dedicated To Multi-Instrumentalist Jack Gell
2. To Composer John Cage
3. To Artist Murray De Pillars
4. To Pianist Cecil Taylor
5. Dedicated To Ann And Peter Allen
6. Dedicated To Susan Axelrod
7. To My Friend Kenny McKenny
8. Dedicated To Multi-Instrumentalist Leroy Jenkins

You can check out Anthony Braxton's original liner notes here.

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