This 1969 album was the tenor saxophonist's first as leader. Kalaparusha's provocatively original playing was first heard on the initial AACM album, Roscoe Mitchell's Sound from '65 (Delmark 408), and on Muhal Richard Abrams' debut Levels And Degrees Of Light (Delmark 413). John Litweiler wrote Humilty's original notes: "Maurice's originality lay precisely in his highly developed sensitivity to melody and linear relationships, whatever his medium - straight-ahead melodic improvisation, or intense free-spaced exploration of sounds. With Leo Smith, John Stubblefield, Amina Claudine Myers, Malachi Favors...

Song List:
1. Hexagon
2. Kcab Emoh
3. Pluto Calling
4. Life Force
5. Humility In The Light Of Creator
6. Suite Ensemble Fate: Family Tree/Say A Prayer For/Out There (If Anyone Should Call)/Melissa...
7. Humility In The Light Of Creator (Alternate)

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