Sun Ra Sun Song  

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LP: DS-411 $19.99

This album was Sun Ra's first, originally released in 1957 on Transition Records as Jazz by Sun Ra. Includes Sun Ra's original notes and poetry, such as "Explanation of Compositions," "The Techniques I Employ," and "Instructions to the Peoples of Earth." Tracks include "Brainville," "Call For All Demons," and "Transition."

Personnel: Sun Ra, piano; Art Hoyle & Dave Young, trumpet; John Gilmore, tenor sax; Pat Patrick, baritone sax; Jim Herndon, tympani; Robert Barry, Drums; Julian Priester, trombone; Richard Evans, bass; Wilburn Green, electric bass; James Scales, alto sax.

Song List:
1. Brainville
2. Call For All Demons
3. Transition
4. Possession
5. Street Named Hell
6. Lullaby For Realville
7. Future
8. Swing A Little Taste
9. New Horizons
10. Fall Off The Log
11. Sun Song

Reaction Report

"Both a rousing period piece and an intriguing display of the great conceptualizer's singular vision in its incipient phase...Obviously a must for Sun Ra fans."

Richard C. Walls, Musician Magazine

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