The names and musical reputations of Donald Byrd and Yusef are well known where ever jazz is played. When this live concert was recorded, in Detroit at the New World Stage, August 23, 1955, their fame had not yet reached the heights they now enjoy.

Donald Byrd may very well have been making his recorded debut at this concert. Although his style here is quite different and not as individually developed as his present one, it is full of exhuberance, swing, good taste, and very pure of sound. Byrd also emerged from the endless stream of talent that is Detroit, about the time this album was cut. Clifford Brown was the dominate trumpet voice at that time, and it is not difficult to hear Donald's fondness for that great musician.

Song List:
1. Blues
2. Tortion Level
3. Woodyn' You
4. Dancing In The Dark
5. Parisian Thoroughfare
6. Yusef
7. Shaw Nuff

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