If you suspect some of the joy, excitement and just plain fun have gone out of azz since it named the twenties, yet still want the emotional depth found in all great music, open youe ears to Roy Rubenstein's Chicago Hot Six...Roy and Norrie are from England (where "trad" once vied with Elvis for popularity) and the Six reside all over the Chicago area, from Indiana to Wisconsin. Kuncl and Bezin are heard with the Salty Dogs and the West End Jazz Band. BobNeighbor played for years with Turk Murphy before his move to Chicago; he can be heard with Franz Jackson & Jim Beebe (Delmark 223).

There's nothing routine in the band's repertoire or uninhibited performances, based in the rich tradition of such New Orleanians as George Lewis, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Kid Ory, and Louis Armstrong.

Katherine Davis, Heard Previously with the Dixie Stompers (Delmark 224), adds her blues and gospel seasoning.

Song List:
1. Swing That Music
2. In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
3. Saratoga Swing
4. Candy
5. Big Chief Battle Axe
6. Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie
7. Special Delivery
8. S'il Vous Plait
9. Fine And Mellow
10. Mezz's Tune
11. Ponchartrain Blues
12. Blessed Quietness
13. Mobile Blues
14. Wild About That Thing
15. Gypsy Lament

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