In the 50s Delmark recorded the Dieie Stompers, a group inspired by the George Lewis band, but havingvery much its own sound. As a part of our celebration, a reunion was held at Riverside Studio and at some Chicago blues clubs. Bill Mason, Glenn Meyer, Don Franz, are heard regularly with St.Louis Ragtimes; Jim Haislip's trombone is a feature of Jean Kitrel's Rivermen. Chicagoan Katherine Davis had never worked with a band, but fit hand-in-glove.

Song List:
1. Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody
2. Blues For Singleton Palmer
3. New Orleans Shuffle
4. It's Tight Like That
5. King Chanticleer
6. Lotus Blossom
7. Drop That Stack
8. Oh Baby
9. Just A Little While To Stay Here
10. Lead Me On
11. Shine
12. Bye And Bye
13. Ice Cream

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