After a few tasty duets with longtime bassist Truck Parham, the focus is on the very considerable if not yet recognized talents of the first Chicago jazz clarinetist...Volly DeFaut. By 1972 the clarinet had practically disappeared from the jazz scene outside New Orleans. Hodes Finally Brought Volly DeFaut back to jazz resulting in these recording sessions and a final tour with Art. You'll hear suggestions of Dodd's magnificent tone, but also of Noone's delicate, tongued style. However, he's really doing it Chicago-style.

Song List:
1. St. Louis Blues
2. You Gotta Gimme Some
3. Struttin' With Some Barbecue
4. Tin Roof Blues
5. After You've Gone
6. Jackass Blues
7. Basin Street Blues
8. Volly's Room
9. I Know That You Know
10. Sobbin' Blues
11. Ode To Louis Armstrong: Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans/Sleepy Time Down South
12. Ja Da
13. Panama Rag

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