Banjo player and vocalist Clancy Hayes is well known to two generations of traditional jazz fans who remember his hit recordings with Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz band. Appearing at the Plugged Nickel in Chicago he decided to make this record with the original Salty Dogs. The Salty Dogs, still active today, are celebrating the 50th anniversary. Like old wine, Clancy improved with age; this is timeless music you can tap (or stomp) your feet to.

Song List:
1. Oh! By Jingo!
2. Rose Of Washington Square
3. Oriental Strut (Instrumental)
4. I'm Comin' Virginia
5. Wise Guy
6. Beale Street Blues
7. Cakewalking Babies
8. Tin Roof Blues
9. King Chanticleer (Instrumental)
10. Michigan Water Blues
11. New Orleans Stomp (Instrumental)
12. My Little Bimbo
13. Tin Roof Blues (Alternate)
14. Rose Of Washington Square (Alternate)
15. King Chanticleer (Alternate)
16. Michigan Water Blues (Alternate)
17. I'm Comin' Virginia (Alternate)
18. New Orleans Stomp (Alternate)

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