Rob Mazurek Pulsar Quartet
Stellar Pulsations
Delmark DE 2018

Rob Mazurek's latest venture into the universe of sound is the all mighty Pulsar Quartet featuring the magic and power of Angelica Sanchez, piano; the melodic shapes of Matthew Lux, bass; the polyrhythmic galaxies of John Herndon, drums and the solar arcs of Rob Mazurek on cornet. All members of the critically acclaimed Exploding Star Orchestra, the quartet sprays, throws, erupts and caresses 7 new Mazurek compositions that expand upon the idea of melodic freedom within the realm of shifting chromatics, pop-like harmonies, pulling anthems and contrasting pedal points. An exciting addition to the bursting catalog of Mazurek's constant search to crack the galaxial ceilingof what sound can do within the universe of personality and eternal chaos.



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